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Lock up! This may sound obvious, but the realities of today can leave us busying out the door and it’s not hard to forget an open window or sliding glass door. Make sure to double-check all points of entry are secure every time you leave the house. Maintain the appearance that someone is always home…. View Article
In a time where safety is in question across the globe, most predominantly in the black and POC communities, precautions are necessary. Remaining secure and protecting loved ones is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. As we continue to keep important conversations going and collectively take part in a historical movement, please keep your personal… View Article
Why use a GPS tracking device? There are many reasons to consider having guaranteed access to the location of your vehicle, but the number one would be SAFETY. If your teenager just got their license and are thinking of taking that road trip somewhere new, through unpredictable terrain, you will be grateful for the permanent… View Article