Boardroom Suppressor


  • Protect your verbal discussions from unauthorized audio recording
  • Covert and Overt Functionality
  • Appears as a normal desktop speaker
  • Remote Control Operation (Optional)
  • Completely distorts audio recorders, makes all audio recordings inaudible
  • Defeats all types of microphones including iPhone, Android, Dictaphones & Laser Microphones
  • Protect rooms up to 23 feet long and 12 feet wide – Can be scaled using additional speakers


Microphones are on all types of electronic devices now. Everything from a computer, cell phone, smartwatch and even digital systems like amazon echo are all capable of listening and recording sound.

The threat of being recorded by audio is much greater than any other type of recording. Audio recorders can be activated on an innocent looking cell phone on a table, hidden inside a pen or USB drive, or hidden in countless everyday objects.

When privacy is the number one goal and you need peace of mind that your important discussions are not being intercepted, ultra-sonic emission can silently protect your discussions. Using ultra sonic emission means the sound that is being made is not audible to human ears, but to a microphone, it is a deafening sound that will overpower the microphone and ensure the recording will not record anything but the sound of ultra-sonic emission.

For a full understanding of this technology, please see our other information tab – Before you do, please note the sound you hear in the video is not present in the room whilst the devices are being demonstrated, the sound captured during the video is being captured by the microphone on the video recorder.

Audio Leaks are common place in all types of organizations no matter the size. Facebook recently had an internal meeting leaked. Many government departments are often outed to the media using an audio leak. It is a common risk facing all types of organizations doe to the ease with which anyone can record audio using pretty much any kind of electronic device.

Reduce the risk of sensitive discussions being recorded using the Boardroom suppressor and protect your companies interests across the whole senior management team.


Who needs a boardroom suppressor?

The boardroom suppressor can be used for many types of situations across a company. Since 2019, Paraben Consumer has supplied the Boardroom Suppressor to many types of companies including Fortune 500 corporations. The need for this system varies within a company and more often than not, the device is used by various members of senior management within an organization for instances such as:

Face to Face Discussions

  • Internal Disciplinary Action – Human Resources
  • Many times when a problem with an employee exists in a workplace, the whole process an employer has to go through to solve the problem can be taxing and takes away focus and time from a company’s primary interests. Employees will naturally seek to protect themselves wherever possible and in many instances disciplinary action can be recorded without anyone knowing. This can pose problems later and be used for gain by ex-employees and in some cases, the legal team representing a former employee.
  • Confidential Agreements – Business Intelligence

Agreements & Negotiations are often concluded on the basis of a confidential discussion between two parties face to face, Ultra sonic suppression can provide the peace of mind needed for both parties to feel comfortable discussing their needs and finding solutions together.

Business Partner Disputes

Disagreements between business partners often creates the same need to protect themselves the way a disgruntled employee feels, the need to protect themselves. Delicate situations like disagreements between business partners need to be handled in a methodical manner whereby you can preplan and pre-empt any form of attack. The use of an audio recorder in such a discussion is a major threat in these circumstances.


Meeting Spaces
Meeting spaces are the number one place where a boardroom suppressor can effectively protect your business. Meetings are often scheduled for important discussions and below is a breakdown of the types of meetings which the Boardroom suppressor systems are being used by our corporate clients.

Crisis Management Meetings
When a company is in crisis, you need to have some serious frank discussions but those discussions can be further counterproductive to your company and create further problems if you have personnel attending the meeting who could be compromising the company and creating further crisis to your organization.

R&D Meetings
The future of your company and the plans you put in place are under serious threat by competitors from day one. Implementing the correct security measures to protect the assets and interests of your company’s future is paramount to the success of your organization.

Legal Discussions
Legal discussions of any nature should always be treated confidentially. Sometimes such discussions can be under threat from audio recorders planted in meeting spaces or even a person attending the meeting can be secreting an audio capturing device to record the meeting. Legal discussions are often a difficult task for anyone. deploying a the Boardroom suppressor in such meetings can help provide the peace of mind people need to talk thoroughly about matters.


Why do I need this if I have my offices swept for Bugging devices?
Ultra-Sonic Emission is the latest development in the Tactical Surveillance Counter Measures industry. The idea being you can perform as much TSCM detection as you want but how do you protect the live threats which can enter a meeting and record silently?

The Boardroom Suppressor provides a new layer of protection to your security defense. Already used by over 20 TSCM & Cyber Security consultants in the USA, the Boardroom suppressor is a vital component to anyone or any entity who needs to protect sensitive discussions.

The Boardroom Suppressor has two types of audio suppression; Silent Ultra Sonic emission, which can be used on its own in a covert manner or combine it with White Noise Generation for the strongest type of speech protection.

Built for professional speech protection, this system has 8 ultrasonic transducers and 1 acoustic speaker. Positioned correctly, you can protect many types of offices and meeting rooms with just 1 device.

This highly advanced technology creates acoustic interference in the air allowing you to suppress even highly protected microphones (IP65-68) which are used on the latest iPhone and Samsung cell phones.

Paraben Consumer works with a number of Security consultants throughout the USA. If you need this protection but require a professional to help you set up the system for optimum performance, get in touch with us and mention your location and we can try and assist you with one of our experienced security consultants who can perform a demonstration and map out the protection areas for your organization.

Dimensions 7.0 x 6.5 x 4.3 in
Weight 4.4 lb
Power 110/220 V network
Power consumption No more than 0.7 A
Sound pressure level at 3.3 ft distance from the device Not less than 125 dB
Range – Based on 1 Device
  • optimal — up to 8 Feet
  • maximum — up to 23 Feet
Protection method Ultrasonic interference + acoustic interference at 18-19 kHz frequency + acoustic speech-like interferenceUltrasonic Interference can be used on its own for covert use.
Remote control action range 33 feet
  • Boardroom Suppressor Speaker
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adaptor
  • English Manual.

Notes from Video

  • Testing performed in March 2021:
  • Room size: 21 feet length x 9 feet width
  • Devices tested in this video include:
  • iPhone X (IP65 Enclosure around Mic)
  • Samsung S10 – (IP65 Enclosure around Mic)
  • Samsung Tablet
  • eSonic MQU 350 8GB USB Audio Recorder

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this system defeat all types of Microphones?

Yes, if using silent ultra-sonic emission, device can suppress audio on all types of digital audio recorders – Most common type of audio recorders are all digital, for Analog audio recorder suppression we recommend using both silent ultra-sonic emission and white noise, to defeat analog audio recorders.

I need to protect my office when I have sensitive discussions with my clients, will this work?

For a typical office environment where a desk separates the visitor form the host and each person is facing toward each other, one BRMSK system will be enough to distort any unauthorized recordins which may be taking place.

How to best protect your specific office/room.

I need this system but I need it for multiple locations when I am travelling and meeting clients, this speaker seems too big, I need a small portable system.

Please see our other products in the Privacy Protection section, a multi directional smaller and fully portable system is available for your requirements called MSK – Microphone Suppression Kit.

How long does the battery last on this Speaker?

This device needs to be mains powered during use to ensure optimal protection, you can easily switch it on and off using the remote control provided, if you need a battery powered device please see our other systems in the Privacy Protection range.

Will this work without anyone knowing it is being used?

You can operate this device in Silent Ultrasonic emission mode if you need to use this system covertly.

Where is the User Manual?

You can download the User Manual here.