Digital Investigators Kit


  • A Complete Arsenal of Digital Investigation tools
  • Tools to investigate iPhone & Android cell phones & any SIM Card
  • Computer Investigation Tools for Deleted Data and illicit Image detection
  • Universal Image Search and Backup Software compatible with all Digital Devices
  • PC Sound Monitoring Software – record conversations through PC and its surroundings
  • Forensic and Surveillance Kit in one
  • All systems are FREE Updates and zero Subscriptions for Life
  • Easy to use, Comprehensive Systems.
  • Investigation Kit every Investigator needs for Digital Investigations.

Digital Investigation Tools for virtually every Digital Device

The Digital Investigators Kit contains a massive arsenal of tools. This collection of digital investigation solutions ensures you can Examine, Interrogate, Monitor and report findings from a whole range of everyday electronic items including 99.5% of cellphones, all Windows devices, and virtually any device with an image gallery on board any electronic device or even Apps with onboard image galleries.

All tools are supplied to Investigators with UNLIMITED USE. Use on as many cases as you need, forever.

FREE Updates for life on all products. Zero subscription fees.

Paraben Consumer’s Digital Investigation Kit provides tools to examine a wide range of Digital Devices including:

Apple iPhone – Investigate, examine and extract Data from any iPhone using the iRecovery Stick. Use the Keywords Search directory to quickly and easily find relevant data residing on any iPhone.

Android OS – Compatible with every brand of Android OS including: Samsung. HTC, Huawei, Motorola, OnePLUS & more – Investigate, examine and extract Data from any Android OS phone or tablet using the Phone Recovery Stick for Android. Use keywords to quickly and easily find data relevant to your case, residing on the phone using the iSearch function

Investigate all types of SIM Cards no matter the size using the SIM Card Seizure deleted data tool. Recover data deleted off the SIM Card.

Recover Deleted Data from any Windows OS using the Data Recovery Stick. Perform Deleted Data Recovery on any drive which inserts into a Windows OS, SD Card, USB drive, and many other drives that mount as drive letters on Windows devices.

Perform illicit image Audits on any Windows Computer quickly and easily with the Porn Detection Stick. Find evidence of misuse of company systems, help identify gross misconduct in the workplace, or protect your family from unwanted pornographic content.

Use the Porn Detection Stick to investigate images from all types of Operating Systems:

Use the Porn Detection Stick in conjunction with the Photo Backup Stick 1TB. Investigate illicit content off all digital devices by running the Porn Detection Stick on all content backed up onto the Photo Backup Stick.

Step 1: Use the Photo Backup Stick 1TB to backup images and videos from any Device – iPhone/Mac/Windows/Android/SD/External HD

Step 2: Run the Porn Detection Stick on the Photo Backup Sticks content and search for illicit content from all images.

Photo Backup Stick 1TB – The only tool you need to perform the most advanced Image search on virtually any electronic device, compatible with iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, Digital Photo Frames, SD Cards, Apps on cellphones with image galleries, anything with an image gallery.  The massive 1TB Capacity on the Photo Backup Stick allows investigators to use part of the memory as a case file drive. Keep all your digital investigations on the PBS 1TB drive. Download all bookmarked content from all types of digital investigations directly onto the drive. Improve access to your gathered evidence and enhance your workflow.

The Photo Backup Software on the 1TB Casefile drive is extremely useful tool for getting EYES ON a targets digital day to day. Getting a complete copy of every image on a device. If the device has 3rd party apps with image galleries inside the app, get copies of those images. If a person has shared and sent images via SMS and then deleted those images, get a copy of those images also. Also find videos. 1TB capacity can store hundreds of thousands of photos. Every backup of images on the Photo Backup Stick is saved as an individual folder named after the device the images were backed up from. Investigators can easily duplicate a copy of the content and transfer it to a USB drive or even upload to a file sharing service for clients and colleagues to review.

Turn any Windows OS into a room and computer voice recorder.  Install stealth software which records both ways of any over the internet call and also records the surrounding area of the target PC. Voice Logger for Windows also covertly emails all recordings to any email of your choosing. Totally invisible system installation.

Supplied with an easy to carry case. Can be easily and safely transported for use whenever you see the need to take your case Digital.

Many of these systems have been in use by Law Enforcement and Digital Forensics labs for over 15 years.

What is included?

  • iRecovery Stick for iPhone
  • Phone Recovery Stick for Android
  • Sim Card Seizure
  • Data Recovery Stick for Windows OS
  • Porn Detection Stick for Windows OS
  • Photo Backup Stick 1TB – Case File Drive – Compatible with Apple/Windows/Android
  • Voice logger for Windows OS
  • Multiple Cables for cellphone connectivity
  • Sim Card Adapter to investigate all types of Sim Cards

Who Uses the Digital Investigation Kit?

Law Enforcement and Investigation

Digital Investigation Kit tools have been used by Law Enforcement agencies and Investigators for over 15 years. Our trusted solutions have helped solve countless Criminal and Civil investigations.

Paraben Consumer Software tools were built for novice users of Digital forensics systems. Allowing the use of such systems allows all types of personnel to gain valuable experience in performing a digital examination. There are only so many qualified persons on hand in many Investigation departments. Many organizations use these tools as a first port of call, allowing examinations to take place by non-technical personnel means the qualified persons to quickly access the data reports and determine if more advanced analysis is required. (Triage)

Education Institutions

Universities and Colleges who teach Digital Forensics rely on Paraben Consumer tools for continual use with many students. The devices’ simple intuitive software and unlimited usage proposition ensures Paraben Consumer is the leading tools for many colleges and universities when teaching Digital Forensics.

Human Resources Staff

Organizations with HR teams use many of the tools from the Digital Investigation Kit for many different reasons, performing an investigation into Gross Misconduct by employees misusing company equipment is one of the main uses. Utilizing features such as the iSearch function allows for quick audits of the entire phone system using key words, numbers and symbols.

IT Security Administrators

Our Cell Phone Investigation tools can help identify vulnerabilities within organizations IT systems. Apps could be downloaded onto a phone and system administrators may not be aware of the amount of permissions each App has access to. This could expose an organizations confidential data.

The iRecovery Stick for iPhone and Phone Recovery Stick for Android has many features but one particular feature is used by many organizations to perform Security Audits on cell phones provided to employees for official use.

Using these two systems organizations can quickly access a report which details every single App on the target phone. Each permission the App has, and based on the permissions it has access to, the tools can indicate the threat level of the App. This particular report is extremely useful for IT departments to quickly assess their companies exposures where IT Security is concerned.

Parental Monitoring

All of Paraben Consumers tools are built with ease of use in mind. Due to the dependency on digital devices more and more, Parents are realizing the benefits of performing digital examinations on their child’s devices as a means of protecting their children.

Performing a discovery of data from an iPhone or Android phone leaves no digital trace. Parents can download all of their child’s phone content including images, documents, all SMS, Calls made and received, view all Apps on device, discover hidden folders and recover many recently deleted photos, without the child ever noticing. The target device will show no sign that a copy of its whole system has been made. Parents can then put the phone back without anyone realizing it was gone. All data can then be examined privately, at any time.

Concerned parents can continue this type of monitoring on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to keep track of their child’s online and offline activities.

Sim Card Seizure:

  • SMS must be stored to SIM card for recovery to work.
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

iRecovery Stick for iPhone

  • Works on iPhones, iPads, and iTouch devices running iOS 13.x and below
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required

Phone Recovery Stick for Android

  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Data Cable Required

Data Recovery Stick

  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space
  • Compatible Media Reader

Porn Detection Stick

  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

Voice Logger for Windows

  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • USB Port
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
  • .Net Framework version 4.6.1
  • Internet Connection for Some Features

Photo Backup Stick 1TB

  • The Photo Backup Stick works on Windows 7, 8, or 10 as well as Mac OS 10.12 or newer. For Apple iOS and Android devices, you must connect the devices to a computer using a data cable and use the Windows or Mac app to backup.
The Digital Investigation Kit contains Investigative tools with a combined face value of $1100, the real value is the continual use of these tools.

Develop your agencies service offerings with the Digital Investigation Kit.

  • iRecovery Stick– Examine and recover data from iPhone, iPad and iTunes backups – FREE Updates. No subscriptions.
  • Phone Recovery Stick– Perform Forensic grade examinations of Android cell phones and tablets – Free updates. No subscriptions.
  • Porn Detection Stick– Finds pornographic photos and videos. Recover deleted pornographic files on any Windows PC.  FREE updates. No subscriptions.
  • Data Recovery Stick– Easily Recover deleted data from computers, hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, SD, Micro-SD cards – Forensic grade, FREE updates. No subscriptions.
  • Voice Logger– Record calls and surroundings from any Windows PC. Stealth Audio app that can automatically email you all recordings – FREE updates. No subscriptions.
  • Photo Backup Stick 1TB – Photo Backup Software combined with a 1TB Case file drive. Save all your digital evidence onto this drive easy access and improved workflow.
  • SIM Card Seizure™ – recovers deleted text messages, last numbers dialed, contacts and more from legacy SIM cards. No subscriptions.
  • Multi-Device Data Cable Kit– includes all common data cables, including iOS Lightning, USB-C, & Micro USB.
  • Micro-SIM Card adapter– allows examination of all sizes of SIM Cards.
  • Carrying Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Solutions Forensically Sound?

The following Solutions are all forensically sound:

  • iRecovery Stick for iPhone
  • Phone Recovery Stick for Android
  • Sim Card Seizure
  • Porn Detection Stick
  • Chat Detection Stick
  • Data Recovery Stick

Can I download Data from these Solutions for evidential/reporting purposes?

All Devices in the Digital Investigation Kit provide users with the opportunity to export/download data to anywhere they wish, the Digital Investigation Kit includes a 64GB USB drive

For data collation purposes.

Where can I learn more about using these Solutions?

We have a YouTube channel dedicated to learning our products, please feel free to visit and subscribe to our channel, here you will find many useful informative tutorials

What happens if I need help using one of these devices?

We have a dedicated support team in place for all of our end users, if you need support for any of these solutions you can contact us directly, we encourage users to take a screenshot of their problem if you mail us the image we can normally identify the issue you are experiencing in a matter of minutes and relay advice on how to solve the issue.

Our support team can be contacted using the information below:


9-6pm (MST) Mountain Standard Time

Monday to Friday